Becoming A Show


 That’s What’s Up! (hereon referenced as TWU!) was created in January 2019 by two college students with hopes of advancing their career in radio. To try and give back to their community, they based the podcast off promoting the finger lakes region by having local guests only. As Isaac coined the name “the Big Homie”, and Johnny as “G.R.”, TWU’s first season started production.

By the release of it’s first episode on April 2nd, TWU! had 10 episodes recorded, and only 2 of them had no scheduled guests. As fans continued pouring support of the show to Johnny and Isaac, they decided to take it as far as they can get it. By the end of April, TWU! was selling T-shirts in 2 stores, and online where fans could support the show, their favorite local business *and* see what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Today, TWU! has been heard all over the world, and to keep up with the hype surrounding everything they had built, Johnny and Isaac decided to bring the show to a community station in Rochester, NY. 100.9 WXIR is now home to TWU!, airing shows every Saturday, at 3PM EST.

After the two brought on a female Chef that was dominating ROC's food industry, it became a mutual agreement that TWU! needed to have a female voice added to the mix. Chef Bekkah Najeeulah is now TWU!'s newest Co-Host that delivers a fresh perspective on the various topics at hand. Show Chef Bek some love, and welcome her to the TWU! Community by checking out her story.




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