I'm a Rochester NY native. Huge Boston fan, and lover of old school music. My favorite group of all time is A TRIBE CALLED QUEST! R.I.P Phife Dog. What separates me apart from the average person is my appreciation of all the blessing that I have received in my life.

Growing up in Rochester NY, I've been exposed to some things that I've learned from, and adjusted my life to help raise the next generation. With a family of my own, I feel it's important to give as much as we can. Whether it be through music, entertainment, or through what my partner and I are doing with "thatswhatsup". 

My late Uncle once told me he thought that my voice should be heard, and that one day I'd have something to give to the world, and  through his prayers and blessings "ThatsWhatsUP!"  is headed for great things. Peace and Love...... 

Working On The Show
In the Studio
Studio, pt. 2
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