Using Podcasts to Advertise

Do you want to bring your products to the front of a new demographic?

Spreading the Word Matters

Especially if you want to grow your Brand!

Advertising can feel very dreading. Trust us, we've been there. But as we at That's What's Up! are constantly learning: It's okay to ask for help!

Advertising can work symbiotically, in everybody's favor. Let us help you get your product and services out to the open, while you aid us through sponsorship or a low cost up front payment for your ad!


75 Seconds of Advertising time will be dedicated to each produced show of That's What's Up! in it's second season. This allows enough time for a 15 second Pre-Roll ad in the beginning of our show, along with either 1 (one) 60 second ad placement during the show, or 2 (two) 30 second ads. 


The prices we choose are based off an industry standard, which will increase every per-thousand CPM.

That means, every time we hit a thousand listener milestone, our rates will increase by about 30%. This is to ensure that the podcast can keep up with it's ever growing fan base, and the ads will be as meaningful to the listener by season 10, as they were in season 2.

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